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Full Version: Satsume Hinotama
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Name: Satsume Hinotama
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Ostia (currently resides in western Bern)
Theme Song: Daylight
Appearance/Description: Satsume has red hair and greenish eyes. He wears a suit of gray knight's armor that is only slightly lighter than standard issue. He has a very dynamic posture, seemingly alert and tense at all times. He usually wears a pair of black fingerless gloves to help grip his spear in battle. Without his armor, Satsume is still fairly stocky, his body strong and defined from wearing the armor almost constantly.
Satsume stands at a respectable 6'1”, and clad in his armor, clocks in at around 260 lbs.
Bio/Backstory: Satsume Hinotama was born to a blacksmith father and successful merchant mother in a village on the Ostia-Thria border. His father, Kiske, happened to be one of the premier smiths within Ostia's prestigious castle town, and due to his frequent demand, the family moved just outside the market square, in time for the birth of Satsume's sister, Limstella. It was here that Satsume would spent most of his early life.

While not attending school, Satsume was often found in the back of his father's shop, gradually learning the tricks of the trade. He would often dream of becoming an Ostian Armor Knight, and after much pleading, finally convinced his parents to let him take up the lance. Though he was very young, he demonstrated supreme skill. Hoping to garner the attention of the marquess, Kiske would often have Ostian squires teach his son. By the time Satsume had reached the age of twenty, he was accepted into the ranks of the Ostian militia. It was here that things took a turn for the unfortunate.

As the Emperor rose to power, things became quite tumultuous in the Hinotama household.  Satsume's mother often travelled the trade routes leading in and out of Etruria, and when the Emperor opened new routes that led through bandit territory, Satsume and his family grew even more concerned at the start of each trip into Etruria, fearful that it may reach a breaking point.  After a few months, the Emperor's decision to lead a force onto the trade routes to crush the bandit resistance eased Satsume's family's thoughts.  Satsume was selected to aid one such force.

Advancing through the treacherous mountain roads, the Lycian regiment happened upon a merchant caravan that was being attacked.  Satsume was prepared to repel the attackers, but the word from his captain shocked him: “Kill them all.”  Satsume's spearpoint fell the the ground, and he watched, horrified, as the Lycian unit wiped everyone out, man, woman, and child.  Satsume deserted his troop immediately and found his way back home, where he told his father of what he had seen.

Kiske expressed great concern upon hearing the news; Satsume's mother was still on the mountain roads!  They could do nothing now but pray and wait for her safe return.  It never came.  A courier from Castle Ostia appeared on their doorstep several weeks later to break the terrible news.  Enraged and griefstricken, Satsume tried to kill the courier.  His father stopped him just in time, but the courier saw fit to press charges, and bring the brunt of the Emperor's iron fist with him.  Satsume, his father, and his sister Limstella were forced to escape Ostia.

The family travelled east, and before long, they had settled in Khathelet.  Just as Satsume thought things were settling down, the unthinkable happened.  Day Zero.  The invasion of Etruria.  The Emperor made a solemn declaration that day, saying that all who wronged Lycia would be crushed, and crafted into a safer, more glorious image.  In the coming weeks, Khathelet would become just as hostile of a place as Ostia was.  Everyone suspected everyone else of treason, of practicing forbidden magic, of stealing, of slandering, and any other crime you could think of.  The family left and headed east once more, and finally found themselves in Bern.

As one can well imagine, frequent travel and relocation is quite poor for an aspiring blacksmith such as Satsume's father, and the family found their funds exhausted upon settling in a small village in northwestern Bern.  Satsume decided to use his skill with the lance to become a mercenary, hoping to support his father and sister.  He left his family new home, and set off along the roads back toward Lycia.  For the first time in what felt like forever, he carried his fate in his own hands.

Recent developments have seen Satsume become the unexpected vassal of the former heir to the throne of Laus.  Lady Cecily's penchant for activism in the political situations of Lycia and Bern have led to their fair share of adventures, and it's anyone's guess as to how long Satsume will honor his contract before moving on to greater thrills - if such a thing exists!

Additional Information:
-Satsume is left-handed.
-Satsume has demonstrated supreme skill with thrown weaponry.  It stands to reason that javelins and throwing spears are his weaponry of choice.
-Has a sister, Limstella, who is quite proficient with a bow.
-His luck with the opposite sex is legendarily bad; even his innocent attempts to socialize with girls will, more often than not, result in his embarrassment.