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Full Version: The Basic Rules of Roleplaying
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Basic Rules of the Site

1) Use your best spelling and grammar. It's fine if there are a few missed typos here and there in a post, but for the most part, use the spellcheck for every post you make. Not only does it make it easier for your fellow roleplayers to read and respond to your posts, but it makes it easier for moderators to read and review as well. Obviously this rule can be a bit frustrating to the members for whom English is not their first language, but if you let someone know beforehand, it won't be a problem. We get it - English as a language makes no goddamn sense.

2) Do not 'God-Mod'. God-modding is the term for when a character does something that they should not be able to do, beyond the sense of magic. It's things like having your character know every little thing about someone they've just met, and claiming 'they're good at reading people', or having your one character kill a dozen bad guys in one post. That sort of behavior will not be tolerated by most RPers, as it detracts from everyone's fun and just isn't entertaining to read. If someone asks you to stop god'mod'ing, please listen to them. Or else you invite the wrath of WyvernSlayer

3) Do not kill off other peoples' characters. This is not a PvP-focused roleplay, so unless you have the expressed permission of the character's creator, you cannot go around killing other characters. If there are logistical concerns, contact one of the moderators via helpdesk and they will help you resolve any issues.

4) If you are planning on having any explicit violence, sexual activities, or other such mature subjects detailed in your RP, make sure that such content is warned about and noted. This is a site where a wide range of age groups attend, and some people just don't want to read about those types of things. Be courteous and make sure any risky subjects are obvious.

"But I swear to God, if I see anyone write 'trigger warning' on one of their threads, I'm banning their ass and sending them to Tumblr." -WyvernSlayer

5) Have fun, with everything you do and everyone you meet.

Basic Rules of Fire Emblem: Insurrection

1) RP Runners are entirely allowed to limit how many people they want in their threads. This is fairly self-explanatory, but it is allowed in order to reduce clutter in RPs. You will find that most RPs only have about five to six open slots, if that many.

2) RP Runners are permitted to kick disruptive or inactive people from their threads. If someone is actively being antagonistic to another player, beyond simple PC vs. PC interactions, an RP Runner has full rights to ban that person from their RP. It is also recommended required that the incident be brought to a moderator's attention.

3) This is an RP where the actions of the RPers determine advances in the story. As a result, we ask that you please be reasonable about what you intend to accomplish during any given RP. It would be pretty lame if the entire overarching plot was solved in two weeks by a couple of guys with swords and magic. If you intend to follow a story path that would carry strong changes politically, religiously, or otherwise, and are unsure of whether or not it would be "too much," visit an RP mod helpdesk and we'll work through it with you.

4) You are only allowed to post in one active Insurrection RP [IRP] thread per character. This may seem like a stupid rule, so let me explain.

We intend to update the RP's overarching story via review of completed roleplays. Keeping each character in one thread at a time makes it a lot more realistic when speaking about them in Scholar Relius' observations (because really, if Character X was present for twelve major events in a three week period, that would be ridiculous). If this rule is preventing you from enjoying an RP (say, for example, if a thread runner has gone inactive, or you have just lost interest), then you can make an exit post and/or notify the group in the corresponding discussion thread. This way, characters won't be "stuck" in slow/dead RPs, and you can continue on.
Because the FE:Insurrection RP allows multiple characters per user, this rule will apply for each of them. For example, if you have two characters, each one can be in up to one active [IRP].

Also note: this restriction does not apply to Social RPs ([SRP]) or Supports ([Support]) - a character can be in as many of these as the user wishes, so long as they remain active enough for the thread runner's liking.

5) Currently, there is a limit of two characters per person. This is another one of those clutter-managing rules. If you have two characters active already, and wish to introduce a third, one of the existing two shall be retired. (Usually this means the Character thread is locked.) If there are any logistical concerns with retiring/introducing a character, PM a mod and we'll figure it out together.

6) If you are a thread runner, please use the thread prefixes when creating RP threads. There are currently three different prefixes:

-Insurrection RPs [IRP] are for RPs that deal with the FE:Insurrection plot, and are eligible for review by the moderation staff. A character can only be in one of these at a time.

-Social RPs [SRP] are for character interaction and general shenanigans that do not contribute directly to the Insurrection timeline. A character may be in as many of these as they choose.

-Support RPs [Support] are typically for two characters, with permission from an RP mod, to explore relationships, develop chemistry, or otherwise have a back-and-forth conversation. A character may be in as many of these as they are approved for.

Stick tap to Velyoukai of the old FEP forums, whose rules layout I essentially stole. Big Grin