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Full Version: Notice: Progress will be a bit slow on FETO development for a while.
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Hey, just a quick status update.
I'm not going to be able to do too much with FETO for a while.

My 2TB HDD, with my development workspace, FETO intormation, prototypes, source code, backups and data, just died.

I can recover the information, but it's paramount to me finding another 2TB HDD to backup onto.

The in-progress 4.0 version was on that drive. But I do have a grasp on the workings of the lost code, it's just a matter of doing the work again.

The 3.0 version was only minorly affected, as the work for 3.0 is being done live, on-server, and in production.
Because I'm testing in production, the backups are EXTREMELY important.
The map cache/"start battle" bug which surfaced in early January, wouldn't have been repairable without the backups I had.

I do not have enough HDD space on my computer to download and store all 12+ GB of backups from FETO.
So I'm halting all progress on the 3.0 changeover, the FETO resets, and the rest of the reworking of the base code, until I get something to backup on.

Furthermore, any work-in-progress, beta, alpha or test builds of any software on server are to be effectively shut down and archived until something works out.

FETO will not shut down, I will not be leaving, and no contingency plans need take place. I'm just having a severe technical meltdown which only replacement hardware can fix at this point.

Rest assured, development will continue as planned once it's fixed.
I may continue to make small changes here and there, but the major overhaul planned for this June is going to be held off.

P.S. @fensti: If you plan on gamesharking the database for any reason, I HIGHLY recommend you keep a recent DB backup. It's a lifesaver.
And make sure it's done through the webhost's backup tool.
PHPMyAdmin and any local scripts, run the server out of memory halfway through and give you an incomplete backup.
If you change any code, you should also grab the root tree backup of all the site files, too, through the backup utility.
Just a postscriptum:
All administrative and staff duties and functions aside from code and system, will continue as before.
The only position severely affected in any capacity, is mine, and it will be resolved in due time.
FETO will remain playable, the forums usable, and the site browsable.
i have a spare 500gb 2.5" hard drive if that would be of any help (or if you even still need it)