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Full Version: So What Brings You to FEP?
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As the title says; What brings you to FEPlanet? What makes you stick around/what are you looking forward to?

What brought me to FEP was technically FE11 on the DS, I was on google searching for a way to get online matches an I eventually stumbled upon some YT vids of early FETO. I then googled it and was amazed when I saw this online FE game, I joined in Jan-2010 and played and played some more got my @$$ handed to me until I improved and am now one of the most competent players :P. FETO was even the reason why I began to make FE sprites/mugs/overworlds, as everything I made I wanted to eventually use on this site.

2nd Part of the Question: I've been here too long to give up on the site xD, and I'm looking forward to revival of FETO.
There was this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.ph...52&hl=feto

I remember enjoying a lot FE.DS Wifi but then I no longer had my DS so... I gave it a try.
I'm here because the old forums were a hazard.
I've used the FEP mainsite as my main resource for FE battle sprites for years now. Although I've only actually finished a few of those as hack-insertable animations (and have several others in the making still), I've still had a lot of fun messing with those sprites. One day I noticed that FEP had forums, so I looked around there, excited by the possibility that there were more creation-oriented FE communities clinging to life than just TEB and Serenes (and FES I think).
By the time I actually decided to try joining the forum (it wasn't as active as had seemed, but that didn't matter... and I guess that that could kind of be gleaned from the main site still being "revamped in for the new release of Radiant Dawn"), I saw that it was going to move to a new forum system or something-or-other soon, so I just waited and checked back every now and then until I saw that this forum existed, at which point I joined.
I might try FETO later, but for now I'm content with being fodder for spriting contests. ^ш^
I came here for all the sprites. Back when I did mugs and recolors on a regular basis, FEP was the place to go. I joined to play around in the big roleplays. Prior to that, I was RPing in single threads. I thought having a whole section of RPs based in one world was pretty unique, so I jumped in.

I'm staying out of sheer curiosity for what comes next. I'm looking forward to an update of the Roleplays (that's right. I'm not looking forward to the RPs themselves. Just a progress report Tongue).
I was drawn to FEP because of its sprites and welcoming community, but now I'm staying because I want to lead FEP to its success.
Falaflame basically invited me here, haha. :3 It looks like a pretty nice place, so I'll probably be sticking around~ Also, that FETO thing looks interesting, and I kinda want to try that!
I was searching something FE related (can't remember what) and stumbled upon this site. I ended up joining the forums because the people were funny and the content was extensive. Pretty sure I joined in 2006 or so. I played in the arcade a lot and was too active in the game forums. XD

I don't know why I stay. Rofl I can't leave. I'll stop coming for a few weeks then randomly come back. Even though FEP's not really active any more. Hopefully that changes. ^.^
I got into Fire Emblem...somehow that lead me to editing sprites. Searching the internet after a while brought me to FEP's sprite archive...and eventually I worked up the courage to join the forum. FEP was the first forum I ever went on. I didn't use the internet much all those years ago. I think I actually joined the site around the time Sacred Stones came out in japan. Some of my earliest mugs used parts of characters I didn't even know yet...I believe. I hung around for a while doing spriting. Tried the rp but quickly dropped out because I wasn't that good at it. Lurked, like an Assassin tends to do, while expanding my horizons to other forums, a couple more lax FE roleplays, like Legaults The Scouring rp. Eventually my FEP board lurking ended and it became a sprite resource to me again.

Some time passed on these other forums I was on, some died, eventually I came back to FEP when the first incarnation ended. I ended up being on of the first people on the new interim forum and joined the new rp. Time passed and then the new(read old) forum went up, I jumped to that one as quick as the old one and continued lurking.

As for why I'm still here...well, even my last hiatus from FEP, I also kept a bookmark to FEP on the the bookmark toolbar, which I end up clicking on a lot. And I'm really just hoping something happens to jump start the rp setup. Its one of the reasons I spoke more when I came back was because of the failed attempt to make a new rp.

Oh yeah, and I'm here in case someone needs a mercenary army to help them fight against communists to control the rolling sea of stupidity.God damn. That was a really weird phase of FEP. Atleast I got some art out of it that I still use as my avatar(s).

I don't remember how I found it, but I came for Feto and only played that, I started getting sometimes on forum and posting years later, around when the Skype Chat was created.
Quote:Back in 2004, I was looking for a place to discuss FE. Been here since then.
Scratch that, I'd been lurking the old forums since 2004. I registered in 2009 to play FETO.
(05-19-2014, 04:19 PM)Smash Bro Wrote: [ -> ]Back in 2004, I was looking for a place to discuss FE. Been here since then.

That goes for both of us. Ten years. Woohoo!

Suddenly I feel old.
Hoo boy.

I used to be a member of an old site for Golden Sun, and when that site shut down, I went looking for another video game site to just sort of hang around. I found FEP in 2006.

And then I found the roleplays. And then the site moved.

I found the roleplays again. I became an RP Mod. My username was purple.

Drama happened. Had a bit of a falling out and some waning interest, so I left for a bit.

Came back for kicks. Saw there was no roleplay. Decided to make one.

Now my username is blue.
At least it's not magenta pink. (lol Fredmir)
(05-28-2014, 03:51 PM)sirocyl Wrote: [ -> ]At least it's not magenta pink. (lol Fredmir)

I expect very few things from the Internet.

A macho-colored username is one of those things.
I found it through FETO, although I no longer play. Now, I'm really just here because of nostalgia. :3
I found FEP through FETO in 2006. Played only FETO for a few years. Stopped for a long time though I remained in a FETO Skype group. Was told by another member that an RP started up here recently.

So I registered and I signed up for the RP. Excitement!
Came for the Skylessia, vanished for like a year, then came back and realized they timeskipped everything. Then I stuck around to see what the new roleplay would be, and here we are!
I joined in either '04 or '05 through looking for FE sprites. I don't remember if I was around for the original site, but I was definitely a member by the time the second site rolled around. I joined under the name RekkaNoKenMaster because at the time, I was a fucking moron. After the site blew up and I thought it was gone for good, I finally rediscovered it a few months into it's revival and have been Jack ever since, although I was still a shithead for a few years. Hopefully I'm not still one.
I came here because I was a member of the old forum, as for why I stay? I don't really know.
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