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Full Version: Weekly Splice Competition (Reboot) R7xx
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-You must use least 1 piece of every mug.
--You may not use pieces from other mugs that aren't in the set.
-No mass customizing. You may do small customizing to make it look good/work. (ex: Shadings)
-You may use any color palette you want (this is the part when you can use other mugs...for their colors).
--But use common sense... don't use something like 50 colors xD (usually 15-16 max)
-One entry per person. You may change your entry tho.

-The winner will be determined by voting.
-YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! (even I don't think that anybody here is that low)
-Winner of each round chooses the next set.
But no jerking around like choosing mugs whose body and head sizes and angles are completely different.
(ex: Ismaire, Fae and Gheb)

Set: [Image: whldeq.jpg]
Marissa, L'Arachel and Ursula
Deadline: July 8th, 2014
Considering it's been more than a month since the deadline, perhaps we need new sets? Ones that are more compatible than either of those two?
At this point I'm even wondering if the participants are off of their respective hiatuses, (which seemed to be the problem) but I'm willing to throw a new set up if that's what everyone wants.
I can dig it.

For me, the 'staches and the lords were just not invoking any particularly creative ideas. In retrospect I could have whipped up something, but it would have been lackluster.
Yeah, I didn't come up with anything I particularly liked out of the either set. So I was planning on skipping it.
Well whomever wants a new set can PM me one 1st come 1st serve (with a priority for ghosty since he was the winner) and I'll post it this thursday
Updated with new set and deadlines~
[Image: SpliceComp6_zps51eb18dc.png]

There you go.
[Image: mera_by_jmcaskey257-d7p2dzs.png]

Here is mine
Haven't done one of those in a while =/

could probably use some more work (her right eye is still bugging me a little bit) but I've had enough for now.

[Image: 4cl86zx.png]

If I have time and wants to I'll maybe edit it before tommorow, but I don't think it'll happen.
[Image: jJMPH8E.png]
[Image: 1zvetsz.jpg]

Closing thread for submissions, will have the voting up when I get to work~