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Full Version: Fire Emblem: The Demon King's Court [RP]
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High atop a tower, the Demon King waited a little longer. It had been several ages since he last walked the earth. He did not anticipate taking those steps in the body of a young villager. The young Delilah Moore would not prove suitable for his next conquest. He needed a warrior, one that would be considered peerless. And so he called for them across all the lands, warriors desperate for the ultimate power.

Footsteps echoed through the arena; someone had heeded the call! The guest was a brute of a man named Boulder. His body was built for the trials of battle; he would be a worthy vessel. The berserker looked around the aging room. The old stone tiles betrayed their age, while dim light from the torches provided enough visibility for the activities to come. As he approached the seal, Boulder saw the source of power that called him. The large red gem lied upon the seal, pulsating like a beating heart.

"Welcome, warrior," Delilah greeted, her neutral tone uncharacteristic of her looks. "You've come for the Fire Emblem."

"So...I just take it, right?" Boulder was beginning to think this was a bit too easy.

"Only if no one opposes you..."
Flora quietly entered the arena, sizing up the place as she walked towards its center. It had probably once looked impressive a long, long time ago, but now it had been worn down by time and weather, to the point where it didn't even have a roof. Flora couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed; she'd expected something a bit more grandiose than this.

She turned her gaze to the center of the arena. Sitting on the raised platform was the jewel that had called her to this place, glowing dimly. Two figures stood nearby, one a muscular behemoth of a man, the other a girl of more average stature. As she approached, she caught the girl saying in an eerily expressionless voice "... no one opposes you."

She wasn't sure if either of them had noticed her or not. She stopped her approach several feet away from their position, then loudly cleared her throat.
Delilah pointed in the direction of Flora, without moving her eyes off of Boulder. This caused the berserker to turn to the source of the cough. Though short in size, her scars revealed some fighting skill. Boulder heaved his massive ax onto his right shoulder to appear intimidating.

"Looks like I beat you here. Why don't you back off so I can take this and be on my way. Finders keepers and all."

The grip on his ax tightened; he was pretty sure she didn't come all this way to turn around.
"I'd suggest backing off, big guy," came a woman's voice as she walked into the ruined place. Her sword was out and she was looking at the man with all the threat she could muster. "Two on one aren't as good of odds as you'd prefer." She assumed a stance.

"I'm not one to brag, but I've seen a few battles. Come and try your luck."
Flora scoffed at the man's words. Was that seriously supposed to be intimidating? She yanked the scarf down off her face and was about to respond when a new voice rung out.

Flora turned her attention to the newcomer. As far as Flora could tell, the woman seemed a typical sellsword, aside from her surprisingly fancy blade. Judging from how she'd entered the room with her weapon in hand, she seemed to be expecting a fight.

She placed her hand on her own sword, though she didn't draw it. Flora returned her gaze to the ruffian on the platform, curious as to his response to this new challenger.
Boulder looked over to see another woman, this one with her weapon ready. It seemed like they were teaming up on him.

"I'm right where I need to be," Boulder replied to Alaine. "How about I stand right here while you girls sort this out."

While the berserker smirked upon his advantageous high ground, Delilah was preparing to get the battle started. Standing directly behind the berserker, the cleric prepared her berserk staff. This was far too dull for the Demon King's Court.

Boulder didn't feel it, but he was struck in the back by the spell. His cocky smile disappeared from his face, looking at the room in confusion. His eyes grew red as the rage built within him. How dare they oppose his destiny!


Boulder brandished his axe, raised it over his head, and leaped off the platform towards Flora. His blade was brought down as he came down, threatening to cleave Flora.
Flora was briefly startled by the man's sudden burst of rage; she hadn't expected him to attack so soon, and certainly not to attack her when he'd been speaking to the other woman. She leapt back, just barely avoiding his attack as the berserker's axe came crashing down.

She swiftly drew her sword; if the oaf had a deathwish, she was all too happy to oblige. "You're gonna regret that, darling" she said, a derisive smirk forming on her face. With that, she lunged forward, slashing vertically downwards at her opponent.
Boulder, being in an induced berserker rage, swung his ax like a baseball bat to meet Flora's blade. The clashing of metal echoed through the chamber. While no blood would be shed, the force of Boulder's blow could possibly put some distance between them.

Boulder had nothing to say; his mind was drunk on bloodshed.
Flora had landed just as Boulder's enormous weapon collided with her blade. She managed to remain on her feet, but the sheer force of the blow sent her main weapon flying from her grip, eventually landing in some corner of the room.

She took several steps back as she drew her second sword, the smirk on her face replaced by a look of irritation. She felt foolish for allowing him to disarm her; what kind of idiot was she, attacking him head on like that? She swiftly leaped to the man's right and stabbed at him with the point of her sword, intent on finishing this quickly.
Boulder attempted to sidestep the stab, but the blow connected. He was able to move quick enough so the blade didn't go too deep, but Flora managed to draw first blood. The berserker cried out in pain, which only enraged him further. He countered by swinging his ax diagonally towards Flora, an attempt to cleave her where she stood.