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Full Version: Bi-Weekly Battle Sprite Competition R2
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Quote:=Rules (Ported from old FEP)=
-You may splice and custom as much as you want.
-Entries must look at least somewhat like GBA FE style.
-You must do completely new sprite, don't use a sprite that you have already made.
-Size... let's say 100x100.
-One entry per person. You may change your entry though.

-The winner will be determined by voting
-You may not vote yourself, nuff said.
-(OPTIONAL) Winner shall/can also choose extra rules (use common sense with these).
------Media (anime/manga, cartoon, tv series, movie etc.) character (You can choose All media, category (ex: manga/anime or movie) or specific movie/tv or anime/manga series)
------Choose ingredient *check this if you're confused*
------Must look like specific class

Previous Winner: GhostyKun

Set: [Image: 2rpr1ty.png]

Submission Deadline: Saturday May 10th, 2014
Yours is the paladin shield (NAN DESU KA?!?!) that will pierce the heavens!
[Image: fxwiz4.png]
Who the hell do you think I am?!
*shot for being a weeaboo*

EDIT: He'd be able to take off his Paladin Shield and bash people with it or throw it. Because non-circular Shields can be thrown so well.
Because I can almost guarantee that I'll have no time for spriting in the next few days, I'm just submitting what I have now.

[Image: UInSOLp.png]
My original idea was an Eldritch horror that uses the paladin shield as a shell (like a hermit crab), but I was more inspired to make a super palaturtlezord instead. Gold thingy on the bottom of his head is an open mouth that shoots out more paladins. As you might glean, this was supposed to be approx a gazillion per cent bigger~
The paladin shield is used for the back, obviously. It was resized ×2 and tooled around with a tiny bit to make the angle more agreeable.
K, you guys seem to be in a whole 'nother league here xD

And apparently a league of your own, I didn't...well I didn't really have the time to come up with something for this one :o

*posts poll*