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Full Version: Bi-Weekly Battle Sprite Competitions R1
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Quote:=Rules (Ported from old FEP)=
-You may splice and custom as much as you want.
-Entries must look at least somewhat like GBA FE style.
-You must do completely new sprite, don't use a sprite that you have already made.
-Size... let's say 100x100.
-One entry per person. You may change your entry though.

-The winner will be determined by voting
-You may not vote yourself, nuff said.
-(OPTIONAL) Winner shall/can also choose extra rules (use common sense with these).
------Media (anime/manga, cartoon, tv series, movie etc.) character (You can choose All media, category (ex: manga/anime or movie) or specific movie/tv or anime/manga series)
------Choose ingredient *check this if you're confused*
------Must look like specific class

How about we kick it off with a Merc Sword as an ingredient?

[Image: 210x153.jpg]

Deadline: April 17th, 2014
[Image: 2ec0ys2.png]
We can make anything as long as it contains that merc sword, right? That's the vibe I get from that FE Empire link, so hopefully I didn't confuse anything.
[Image: fp1LJV2.png]
Eliwood/Hector/mercenary splice. Apologies if we were supposed to make only a sword or something, but I had fun making this so I'll be totally fine with making something else if I have to.
nah, you're doing fine, so long as it has the merc sword, it's all good~
[Image: LennoxSprite_zps816d3e6c.png]

Been a long time since I worked on a battle sprite, so its not the best I have done...but I'm happy with it.
I like^

Here's mine

[Image: 10oqqo3.jpg]

Didn't really get the chance to fix the dark flames though :S
Alrighty, gonna get the voting up for this tonight when I get back (I have a pretty busy schedule right now)