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Full Version: Favorite FE game?
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What's your favorite FE game and why?
My favorite FE by far was FE6. I loved the characters there, I loved the music, and I liked the brutal challenge the game provided. Plus it has one of my favorite units in all FE games (even though she's REALLY bad) in Cecilia.
FE7 for me. It was the first experience I had with any of the Fire Emblem games (although I was turned onto them via Intelligent Systems' other series Advance Wars), and it's still my favourite of the ones I've played. I love it so much that I even did a playthrough once where I took Renault to the final battle just to get his support with Canas. DEDICATION.

(also, Canas is still my favourite character. Shaman + monocle = YES)
FE7, because it's the first one I played.

I too had prior exposure to IS via Advance Wars. *fistbumps TEO*

Raven is king.
Out of FE4,6,7,8,9,11,12 and 13 (which I've all played) FE7 would have to be my favorite, it was my first FE. Contained my favorite FE char ever (LYN)...and I enjoyed it's story/graphics/characters the most out of all FEs
I'd have to say FE9, it's the Fire Emblem Game I made the more games.

I had played the GBA ones a little bit, but it's clearly the one that made me love the serie.
Sword of Seals. Like Fala said, the brutal challenge in this one is something that makes me love this title more than others I've played (excluding 4, 5, 9 and 11 which I haven't played much).
12, because Norne. <3
Shadow dragon however I enjoy playing them all
I would like to say it's FE7 because it's what introduced me to the series and brought me to FEP in the first place, but I don't think any strategy game will ever top FE4 in my book. I think it had everything Fire Emblem needed, and the difficulty was brutal the first time I played it. I would actually compare it in difficulty to FE5, because once you know what you're doing FE5 really isn't that bad.
So, finally I figure out why everyone somehow liked FE7 far and above anything else. I guess the most people got exposed to Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken after Smash Bros., but I, lacking Internet and a lot of other information sources, did not play FE7 first. My first was FE9.

I remember the weird sensation I had when I got the game for Christmas; I thought the game was gonna be an RPG and I had little concept of the SRPG genre. When I played it, I was amazed so much that I started to suspect there was going to be something to complain about. I found my complaints with how easy the weapons broke and how there were too many statistics and my favorite characters couldn't solo a mission. I was young then, but I almost completely gave up on the game. About a year later, I made it through the rest of the game (probably starting on that Chapter with the big bridge where you fight that woman with the fire lance). Because I played in such a self-manipulative fashion, I did not really like the game.

I had almost given up on Fire Emblem, but I played a ROM of FE4 next. It was too hard and the graphics were hard on my eyes because I some reason expected FE9-like quality. I stopped playing, upset after the prologue, but I kept thinking; how could so many people like this game?

I played FE7 and I really liked Lyn's chapters and the music was awesome, but the music and chapters for Eliwood, and Eliwood himself made me start to hate Fire Emblem for being annoying and difficult.

I went back to FE4 and fell in love. The game was so addicting and yet so fulfilling. The characters and conflict were beautifully crafted and everything was going good until I got to Sylesia. I restarted the game out of utter frustration and good memories and eventually got to the 2nd Gen. I had no idea about the marriage system and had a bunch of gray-haired characters barely fighting through Chapter 7 and 8 with hours of save state abuse. I finally realized that there was no chance for me to win. It is worth noting that I did not have the translation working, so I was playing the game with Japanese only.

I played through FE7 and finished it, but hated it still (except for the Final Chapter, which I could hardly beat). I had my best friend borrow it, beat the game, and he said that it was awesome while I thought it was crap. I rediscovered everything in a second playthrough and decided that it was really good once I got better.

I had actually beaten FE4 a little before that and declared it my favorite game of all time.

It is worthy to note that Shadow Dragon is a game that I enjoyed greatly and only wished that the story was deeper. As for Thracia 776, it was yet another game I had to adjust to. I've really, really enjoyed the challenge, but I don't remember if I got to enjoy the translation. If so, then I did not care about the story too much. I think the music for FE5 is incredibly perfect in-game and pretty decent outside of the game. I made it to the 15th Chapter, I think. Rolleyes
Thracia is my favorite FE. It was the only one that actually forced you to use multiple units by design. Sure, mostly everybody plays FE using all of the units, but the sheer fact that you could solo killed it for me a lot of times. Not so in Thracia. Fatigue, minimum unit requirements, enemy units with exceptional accuracy and critical hit rate, and Cyas. All of these independently ensured you had to use a team.

Not to mention there was no one other than maybe Reinhart that didn't die quickly. By design, you needed to kill a ton of units to proceed through the chapters (warpskipping aside) and you needed a bounty of units to do just that.
I used to love both DS games, then I tried every other FE game and loved them all in some way... I cannot longer say I have a favorite... but If anyone asks I will say FE: New mystery even though that does not hold true anymore
You'll never forget your first:

[Image: FEStickersig.jpg]

I've only played the games released in North America, but I have yet to find a better cast of characters.
I don't know the official title for it in Japan but the U.S. debuted Fire Emblem back in 03 and it was the first FE I played, so it has a special place in my fandom, I adore it, and it's one of the best told stories I've ever been apart of (and indeed the only one I'd actually read thoroughly at the time) I've played, replayed and replayed again and probably will for eternity.

I played it's sequel the Sealed Sword/Sword of Seals some years later on an emulator /w translations applied and I was not disappointed in it when I came with my ridiculously high expectations.

Aside from those two I've played So Easy It Sucks/Sacred Stones, great story in my opinion, it's just far too easy a game to demolish even on "hard".

Comes to console FE's, I've never played NES/SNES ones but Path of Radiance I did play faithfully and I loved it. Then they made the sequel that made it completely bloody irrelevant everything you did in PoR so screw that one.

Played the remake of Marth's, was good. Played Awakening, feel that it ruined Marth's but was otherwise brilliant.

Oh dear, I ranted. ._.

tldr: Fire Emblem is my favorite FE.
Sacred Stones is my favorite, just wish it was harder.
FE7 is special because its my first but I like them all except Shadow Dragon and the Laguz-heavy parts of RD because Laguz are horrible game design and just an excuse to have fantastic racism.
Even to this date, FE7 caused the best impression on me.
As much as I love Awakening, I owe everything to FE7. It's why I'm an assassin and it's why most of my main rp characters are fencers, when allowed. It definitely wasn't because of Eirika. Definitely wouldn't be lurking in this place for almost a decade without it. And now that I think of it, during my last hiatus from the site was during the remakes they were releasing. I can't really say that I was into them. I didn't play to far into the first one, and the second one lost my interest quickly. It does explain that though.
I'm going to have to say Blazing Sword. My brother is the one who got me into FE. I remember he used to use the GBA player to play it on the GC. I watched him play all of the time. I fell in love with that game before I even got to play it. I loved the story and Ninian is still my favourite character. Just the best all around.
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