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Full Version: FETO Nightlies~
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[Image: 28l86f7.jpg]

Hey everyone, this is basically just a heads up about the FETO Partyline; where just about every friday night we get together (via skype voice call) and play some FETO matches, as well as other online games. We usually have a good time, get some laughs here and there and overall it's pretty fun. If anyone wants to join, you should probably PM Me (maybe Falaflame and Sirocyl too if you don't hear back from me)

Games we've played so far include:
FETO (kind of a given)
Cards Against Humanity
Board Game Online

Looking forward to trying out new games with you all!
Link to FETO's Official Partyline - Link
I thought this was talking about nightly builds of the FETO software.

I was like lolwut.
I thought this was going to be about FETo themes sleepwear. o_o;
I thought this was going to be every Friday?

Past 2 times haven't happened.
(03-31-2014, 07:31 AM)Falaflame Wrote: [ -> ]I thought this was going to be every Friday?

Past 2 times haven't happened.

I kinda thought you were one of the reps for these. Recent (one traumatic) events have kept me from doing these as of late, and I apologize for any inconveniences that might have caused.

In short, from now on; feel free to start without me as I don't know how well I will be by this friday to participate...
Sorry to hear that. Be strong and get well soon o:
Seems I've recovered quite a bit (a weeks worth to be exact)! Thx Siro. :P

Why not?

Maybe we can dedicate this night to TRs? lol
We could...though on the other hand we do that anyway lol

Without any further adieu....LET'S GO

[Image: wu2upx.jpg] (just follow this gorgeous young lady here~)

If you haven't joined they Partyline yet, now's the time to dooooeeeeet!!!!!!!!! XP
I wasn't able to do much on the nightly cuz really late and i was tired. Also wasn't really motivated cuz lolnofetobattles.

Though the CaH session was surprisingly close.
I'm all about the online board games, haha.
(04-06-2014, 05:10 PM)Konata Izumi Wrote: [ -> ]I'm all about the online board games, haha.
You're going to love Fortune Street, then. xD
Are we on again tonight!? xP
I couldn't. I had an iM nightly to attend to.
Gonna try for tonight actually, I couldn't fight my sleep yesterday xP
I was already in a call that night so I couldn't really do much. Plus afaik no FETO matches were played that night.

It seems like nobody feels like playing FETO lately. x:
Should actually be able to have one of these tonight, (where we could ACTUALLY play FETO lol along with the other games). Sorry for the lack of one for last week, my schedule keeps me pretty busy. :O
hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. Sorry about being away for a year or so. Tongue

Long time no see Speedy if you are speedy, Vaike.

I would love to join this if possible or if these are even happening anymore.

Have a great day.
This should be a thing again, lol.
I'd play.
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