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Full Version: Parting words.
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Been reminiscing lately, and found my way back here; likelihood of this being seen any time soon or at all is probably low, but I've got 20 years of memories with FEP and figured fuck it - won't do any harm.

I miss this place, I miss the friends I made along the way - those who are no longer around, those who have moved onto other communities, those who have changed my life. I remember theory crafting about new games, discussing the new leaks. I remember when the spriter section was booming.

Gonna be 30 in a few more months... hard to believe I found my way here when I was just a kid. Can't remember who was running the show then... I know it changed hands to SAS not too long after that. Sometimes I wish we could go back, but I'm thankful for everything this community gave me.

My daughter's 7 years old now, her mom and I split up during the pandemic. I've found someone new, I've been developing my book (though not writing at present), I left my old job and found a new one doing the same work for better pay and environment. I'm happier, even if tonight I don't really feel it that way; hard to see this place after what it was.

Dunno who will see this, but thanks for being a part of my life for the time you were - sorry that I disappeared so often, sorry I kinda bailed on the roleplayers when things were kicking. You can still find me around the FE hacking community lurking, on Twitter and on Discord. I miss you all terribly, and I suck at keeping in touch.

Guess this is goodbye to those who have moved on, those who will read, those who will close the book. I hope to hear from some of you, but no worries if not - live your best lives, folks. Live happily, love furiously, enjoy the little moments and celebrate the small victories. Never forget where you came from or what you have accomplished - your journey is far from over.

Go with love, in peace.

- Zan