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Full Version: Sir Damian Verde
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Name: Damian Verde
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Lycian Empire/The Emperor
Appearance/Description: A young man, naive, earnest, happy-go-lucky, and completely loyal to the Emperor. He has his mother's curly blonde hair, but his father's green eyes. A straight nose, not quite thin but not overly large, thin lips, and he has the most unruly stubble, try as he might to keep it in line. He has fair skin, as to be expected.

As a knight, his build is large (6'3" with broad shoulders), made larger by his armor, and toned. When not prepared for combat, he prefers his green gambeson, tan hosen, knee-high boots, a cape, and black chamois gloves, a gift from the Emperor for his service in the war. In combat, he wears full plate, a colored a mix of his House's favored green and a stylish black, with brass accents. The style of armor is Gothic, which his father paid for with his subject's taxes. He prefers a longsword, both mounted and afoot, but knows spear, mace, axe, and the shortbow (for when he goes hunting, for anything except boar).

Bio/Backstory: Damian was born to the landed knightly House of Verde in Ostia. He was born the son of the brother of Head of House Adrian Verde. Their house had history that stretched as far back as Roy's days as the first King of Lycia alongside Queen Lilina of Ostia. Damian's father, Hugo, was just as loyal, virtuous, and mighty as his brother Adrian, and both of them were most excellent knights. Damian served as page, and then squire, alongside his uncle's squire, Tiras, and all was well. Then came the formation of the Empire, and the Schism, and war that followed wrought terrible havoc on House Verde. Half of their men-at-arms died in the war, half of the survivors were maimed, most of their subjects that fought in the war were dead or scattered, and to top everything, Sir Adrian and Tiras turned their coats.

About the only good thing that came out of the war was Damian's knighting for valorous deeds in the field, by the emperor himself. This deed won him Damian's eternal loyalty.

Once the war was over, House Verde had a problem on their hands. Hugo assigned Damian as his regent over their lands over Damian's objections, ordering him to remain at home and help their people rebuild to the best of his ability. Sir Hugo undertook the heavy, personal task of hunting down his brother. Damian was rather hurt at both the betrayal of his uncle and his best friend, as well as his father forbidding him to follow, but he did understand his father's reasoning, at least.

After three months and no good word from his father, at last, a messenger bird from his father's party found its way home. Sir Hugo was on his way back. Sir Adrian's body had been recovered, but according to the letter, some time after Sir Adrian's capture, Tiras had apparently broken free of his bonds, snuck through the camp, killed Sir Adrian, and outfitted himself in most of his gear, and fled on Adrian's horse into the night.

A month later, after the funeral (still in the family crypt, though there was some consternation at that, and Sir Hugo had to pay a fine) and the proscribed mourning period, Sir Damian presented his father with an idea: He would hunt down that scumbag, Tiras, and avenge his uncle's murder, and recover his gear for House Verde. Sir Hugo liked this idea, and granted his son his blessing, as well as the only piece of Sir Adrian's gear that Tiras had not looted: his cuirass. It was of higher quality than his own, so Damian took it with a measure of pride. Perhaps his father would allow him to keep the rest of the gear after he killed Tiras.

With those thoughts, after the armorsmith adjusted the cuirass to Damian's specifications, he left home into the unknown.

Notes: Sir Damian has two squires.
*His Arming Squire is named Kay. Kay is a broad swarthy boy, still growing, but already with powerful arms and legs. He has a honed skill with spearcraft, and is well on his way to becoming a fine cavalier, but his skills on foot, especially with a sword, are rather lacking, as are his social graces.
*His Squire of the Table is named Arthur, but goes by Wart. He's a lean, tall boy, still growing. He is quite skilled at swordplay, on horse or foot, but overal his horsemanship is worse than Kay's, and his spearcraft on horse suffers for it. On the flip side, he is very skilled in the gentlemanly arts of knighthood already, though Kay picks on him for this.
*Both squires have lesser but still effective armor for themselves, and carry around Sir Damian's when he doesn't need it. They alternate whose day it is to clean Sir Damian's armor or hone his weapons. Both of them are learning horsecraft as well, and Sir Damian is taking care that they know the Code of Chivalry and the rules of Heraldry, in addition to everything else.