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Full Version: Lodic Siegheim
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Name: Lodic Siegheim
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Bern forever

Appearance/Description: Rather slender and somewhat short for a man, Lodic nevertheless compensates for this with a level of sharp, serious intensity that practically emanates from him in waves. His face is somewhat androgynously pretty, for lack of a better word, though he would never tolerate anyone saying that to his face. His eyes are a dark blue and his mid-face length, center-parted hair an equally dark, almost seaweed-green. Outside of armor, he is always dressed in uniform without a stitch out of place and boots polished to a mirror sheen.

He is a deeply serious, strict, honorable, dutiful, diligent sort with little patience for cowardice, sloth or horseplay. Somewhat taciturn and cold, perhaps not the easiest person to get along with or get to know, but a staunch and loyal friend once his trust has been earned.

Bio/Backstory: Born to the ancient but minor noble house of Siegheim after much fretting on the part of his parents at their distinct lack of heir, Lodic was stringently educated in everything from arts and literature to history, mathematics and warfare, all for the sake of one day being prepared not merely to rule, but to serve country and king just as the Siegheim family had always done for generations on end.

Then Lycia became tyrannical almost overnight and Bern was placed in a very precarious position, as were the Siegheims. On the one hand, they had always sent a child to serve bravely and well in the Bern military when they came of age, and it was doubly their duty to do so in such troubled times. On the other hand, losing their heir would spell the end of their family lineage. Lodic's mother pleaded with him to stay home, marry and have children, and also attempted to convince her husband Heidric of the wisdom of that position. Heidric, however, was unmoved. "I raised a man, and if he dies a man for the good of Bern our family will be clothed in far more glory and honor than would be achieved by cowering in the shadows," he replied. He immediately gave Lodic his blessing to join one of the wyvern battalions, in spite of the danger.