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Full Version: Vanguard Rising Signup/Discussion
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In Etruria, after the conquest, Lycia sent some of its young lords to oversee the conquered territory, as rewards for 'valiant service' during the war. One of these, one Lord Pascal of Thria, was granted a large tract of land to steward for the Emperor. He's quickly proven himself to be as tyrannical as the Emperor he serves, meeting the slightest infraction with cruelty and sadistic punishment. He feasts himself on the work of his people, who are starting to starve as winter sets in. If he would return even a portion of the food he's claimed as taxation, the people under his thumb would survive, but he has not.

Ambrose has heard of this despicable man, and sees an opportunity for himself, and his Vanguard. And he's also heard of some troublemakers in the area...

So, this topic is more for a record of attendance than anything, though, feel free to discuss on the forums. God knows we need more activity on it.

So, iirc, here's the character list:
1. Ambrose Locke (Andy)
2. Tangle Rose (Gazetteer)
3. Priam Rhodes (Musketeer)
4. Nichol Kless (Alusq)
5. (Open slot?)

Is that everyone, or are there more people wanting to join, waiting in the wings?

In the meantime, I will construct additional pylons the introductory post.