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Full Version: Priam Rhodes
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Name: Priam Rhodes
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Born and raised in Ostia, but currently exiled on pain of death (this may be revoked at some point)

Appearance/Description: Priam is approximately 5'10" and 165 lbs of salt, cynicism and generally finding the exertion of effort beyond the bare minimum to be a pain in the ass. Complaining is one of his primary pastimes.

He has narrowish grey eyes and one of those muddy hair colors where other people can't figure out whether it's blonde, brown or even a little bit orange. The hair on his head is shaggy, unkempt, and prone to getting long and uneven, at least until he gets sick of it getting in his eyes and has it shaved off completely. Being bald looks ridiculous on him and he can't pull it off whatsoever, but he doesn't care.

If he bothered to shave, he would probably be somewhat handsome, but generally he just haphazardly takes a pair of scissors to his facial hair and is done with it. This does not exactly endear him to women, but it's not as if he's ever been with a woman he hasn't paid for the services of anyways.

His armor is battered, scuffed, and not in very good repair, as he's too cheap to bother taking it to a blacksmith and too lazy to fix it himself. It's also completely different armor from what he wore while serving in the Ostian rank and file, because in spite of all his other bad traits he's not an idiot. He wears an oilskin cloak and boots to keep off the bad weather, and carries whatever weapons he's picked up off dead people that are most convenient for him to use. That said, he's probably the most proficient with lances and axes because Ostia.

Bio/Backstory: An unremarkable Ostian boy from an average Ostian township, with little to no talents or proficiencies to speak of. He never bothered to learn a trade and he was constantly complaining and leeching off others, so the second he turned 15 he was kicked out and told to earn his own way.

He did what most disaffected, able-bodied young men do and joined the military. And he was all right at it. He wasn't exactly a model soldier, but he was actually pretty good when he tried.

The problem was that being "pretty good" and having seniority isn't enough to save you when you're constantly roasting your direct superiors. To their faces. When they happen to have a big, fragile ego.

Priam proceeded to be the first soldier in Ostian history to be not only dishonorably discharged, but sentenced to exile on pain of execution. Onlookers thought that was needlessly harsh, but they also didn't exactly shed tears over it. After all, Priam was a drain on any attempt at teamwork and not very well liked in general.

Well, whatever. They could all go kiss his ass. He was going to head somewhere less uptight, like Badon or Bern. He'd figure something out.