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Full Version: I originally joined back in 2007.
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Did the forums restart from scratch?
The old forums were very unsecure and outdated, so this forum was made. You can still access the old forums at http://oldforums.feplanet.net/

Unfortunately, this forum is nearly dead aside from my sprite thread and the roleplay. Most people here use discord.

Also, who were you on the old forums? I've been around since '06, but I don't remember a 'Tim' from back then.
I did join the FE Planet Forums, but lost my account info back in 2009.

Yup, even before that version, apparently.
I joined back in 2004 (welcome back by the way). The old forums are the ones that you probably joined, 'cause the original site went up in '05 or '06 iirc. The news skins and new arrangement of the forums might be throwing you off.

What was your original account name?