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Full Version: Idalius Hejrene
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Name: Idalius Hejrene
Age: Appears to be in his teens, but much older.
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Arcadia/Nabata

Idalius appears to be in his teens. He has flowing, somewhat messy dark blue hair. His eyes are as brown as his father's; his skin is a Nabatan tan. He is well-built when compared with most humans at his age. He wears loose-fitting clothing of a light shade. Adorning his neck is a necklace his mother had made for him; his dragonstone is held by it. It is the same blue as his eyes. His dragonform is dark blue with light blue chest-scales; he is an Ice Dragon.

About one-hundred years ago, his mother, a full-blooded manakete from Arcadia, met his father who had been wandering the desert. She took him to her home, and took care of him. Afterwards, he decided to stay with her. From their union, a boy was born.

His mother knew that he was like her, a dragon. And so she would help him to seal his power within a stone, and control it. She taught him everything to know about being a dragon.

They both outlived his father, something she had been preparing him for. Humans were so short-lived.

She remained in Arcadia when he decided he wanted to travel the world. She made sure that he was well-supplied, however, and that he was careful, and she warned him to keep his draconic heritage a secret.

And so he set out, first visiting Nabata, and then setting his sights on more eastern lands. He has no knowledge of these lands, and is still oblivious to the events that have occurred there. He wishes to learn, however, and he wishes to understand humanity. For he is a child of both humans and dragons.