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Full Version: Tiras Howarth
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Name: Tiras Howarth
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Lycia
Appearance/Description: Tiras is a young man, a squire until recently. His training is in the advanced stages, but the knight he was training under was murdered. He knows how to wield Sword, Axe, Mace, Spear, Pollaxe, Shield, and Bow effectively, though his primary weapon choice is a longsword. His body is well muscled, from daily training with his armor on. He stands at 6'0. He has short brown hair, green eyes, a beard growing on his chin (not his choice, he lost his razor). His nose is straight, though there is evidence that it has been broken several times. Tiras is attired in green most of the time. He wears green socks and a braies (think medieval boxers), over which are grey trouser hose, dark green calf-high boots, a deep green tunic, fine chamois gloves, a green gambeson, a maile haubergeon, a set of greaves and poleyns, a steel gorget, pauldrons, vambraces, gauntlets, and lastly, a visored bascinet helm. He also wears a green waffenrock with a red sword and shield emblazoned on it, and a long green cloak. The total weight of his outfit comes out to about 72 lbs. Normally a very trying load of equipment to bear. But he runs every day in these.

Tiras is trusting, a bit naive, an optimist, and a lover of fun and of people in harmony with each other. Peaceful, kind, someone who likes to observe others and help when he's needed. In combat, however, he can be terrifying to behold. He can and will dispatch his enemies with brutal efficiency. When in combat, he is generally silent, focused only on the fight.

Bio/Backstory: Tiras was born as the son of one of Ostia's men-at-arms. His father was a favorite of the Marquess. Naturally, that allowed him to become a page, and later the squire to one of the knights serving under the Marquess. He was a dutiful squire, and learned all of what his master had to teach at a frightfully quick pace.

However, when the Marquess was made Emperor, the knight, Sir Adrian Verde, protested at his paranoia and the methods the man was using to control his people. This made him an enemy of the state, and Tiras went on the run with his master. For two years, they evaded capture, helping the populace where they could. Then, they had a brush with the Lycian knights on the borders of Araphen and Tania. Both of them were captured, with Sir Adrian being heavily injured. During the night, Tiras managed to free himself, but when he came to set Sir Adrian free, found him dying. The knight passed on to Tiras his own armor, and his personal sword, but died before he could knight the youth.

Tiras snuck out of the camp on foot, so as to not alert the sentinels. He has been evading capture ever since.