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Full Version: Bernese Ball
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With "The Dead One Calls" wrapping up, I think it's time to introduce the next adventure for Paige, Satsume, Shad, Cecily, and the others. Their heroics in the previous thread have caught the attention of Bern nobility, who have extended an invitation to them to a lavish ball. The group will take a break from battles to relax.

This will be a social RP, so no big battles. I do hope to close the "Search for Lycia's Heir" storyline towards the end, but I want the focus of this RP to build relationships. Though this is a continuation of our group's adventures, this is a great point for new characters that happen to be in Bern to jump in.

Chime in if you want to throw your character in or have ideas on stuff to do.
Cecily attempted to reach out to Bern before. So, although she would be completely miffed that this is how she gets attention from Bern, she would go anyways.
I guess if Cecily's in, then Satsume's in.
Shad will be there. His father must have something respectable looking he could change into. Shad's current clothes is covered with a smidgen of blood. Just a couple drops. Maybe a pint.

Now to find time to sprite a formal attire for Shad before he gets his new coat.
Lita would love to come along for the ride and Goldhardt would exist in a nearby location to her.
Azel will certainly be there, as a Bernese Wyvern Rider aspiring to be a Wyvern General. He would be estatic to see his efforts actually getting him noticed, going regardless of his wyvern being able to come with him, though likely to his behest if his wyvern couldn't. He'd likely get something a little old, but still good for the Ball.
At the time the RP starts, I plan to start in the village from the previous RP. The group is still resting when one of the wyvern knights invites them to an estate for a ball. Perhaps Azel could be part of the wyvern riders recently stationed there?
That would fit, so I'll go with a yes there. Either way, he'd appreciate the chance to be so close to a special event that Bern officials would be hosting.