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Full Version: Fire Emblem: The Demon King's Court [Sign-Up, Discussion]
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Hope no one minds if I throw a simple RP in here.

Fire Emblem: The Demon King’s Court


Long ago, a great evil known as the Demon King attempted to take over the land of Magvel. He was stopped by the efforts of the Royal Twins of Renais, his soul trapped within a Sacred Stone. It was second time in his existence that he was trapped, but that never stopped him from coercing others into his bidding. The only thing that could stop the heroes was time itself.

So he waited. Ages past. Castles crumbled with the slow decay of time. Stories that should never have been forgotten were lost. The Sacred Stone became nothing more than a lost trinket, a trinket that would find its way into the hands of an innocent villager. That was when the Demon King made his move. He possessed the girl and ordered her to take the stone to what was once his domain: Darkling Woods. There, within the ruins of his fortress, the stone was placed on a pedestal for a worthy warrior to claim. But as the warrior would claim his or her prize, so too would the Demon King attain his new body, a vehicle for his new conquest.

But he wouldn’t accept just any warrior.

The stone pulsated with energy as it called out to all warriors who desired his might. His prison would reclaim the title of the Fire Emblem, just as in the days of old. Whether to free their homelands or to conquer new worlds, they would all gather at the Demon King’s Court and do battle. Just as the sacrifice of hundreds led to his imprisonment, an equal blood sacrifice would be required for him to rise again. Only the last person standing would claim the prize, not knowing that they were fighting to sell their souls to the devil…


This RP isn’t meant to be a massive epic. It’s essentially one big battle, some stupid fun to flex your RP skills. Death is pretty much guaranteed, but should your character perish, you can always bring in another. The “winner” will be decided based on whoever the last person to post was. If there are no posts after a two-week period, that person is declared the victor and the RP closes.

Some Rules:

Basic stuff: no one-liners, bunnying without one’s permission, etc. I assume anyone around here already knows this, so I won’t go into detail.

This takes place in the Fire Emblem Universe, so try and base characters on that. That is, no guns or anything like that. Though the story is based on the Sacred Stones game, I don’t particularly care what game universe your character comes from. That is, if you want a laguz character, knock yourself out. This isn’t supposed to be a super-serious RP.

Custom characters (those that don’t fit into a particular class) are allowed, but try not to make them stupidly powerful.

I’ll add more if there is a need; I just want to see if there is any interest.

Profile Template:

Class: (if character is custom, you put a custom title here)
Personality: (This would be a good place to put fighting style too. Obviously, there won’t be much of a chance to flesh out characters, so this section doesn’t need to be particularly big)
Bio: (Where they’re from and why they’re here)
Weapons: (What does he/she wield? I’ll go ahead put the maximum number of weapons at three.)
Don't mind if I do. Been wanting to flex.

Name: Alaine
Age: 24
Class: Mercenary
Appearance: 5'8" woman, crowned with cascading crimson tresses, she hides her right eye behind an eyepatch and her forelocks. Black leather armor covers her entire torso, and her boots. Her left eye is green.

She wears her sword on her right hip, signifying her left-handedness.
Personality: Perpetually irritated, or if not, depressed. Always on the edge of anger. Unless drunk, considering how hard she parties.

Her fighting style reflects her anger, her blade quivering from the power she puts behind her swings. However, she is agile when she requires it.
Bio: She doesn't like talking about her past, but she acknowledges that she was once a sellsword at the head of a strong company. That company was destroyed in a war, dying one by one. Who can say what she felt as her companions were slain before her? She certainly won't. She always ends her story there, at the fact that she was the last survivor of her company.
-Angelsword, a double-edged silver-colored straight sword with a winged crossguard, imbued with a smidge of Light magic, though not enough to render it capable of range, nor to make it invincible. It is a durable, though well-used, blade, and Alaine takes as good a care of it as she is able.
Approved! I'll be working on the arena as well as a couple characters over the coming days.
Were you gonna do anything with this?
(04-26-2014, 05:00 AM)Andy Wrote: [ -> ]Were you gonna do anything with this?

I thought I was. Then my other roleplays sprung to life, then I got busy with other things. Sorry I haven't posted anything. I'll get something up today
[Image: DKCarena_zpsb448d0cf.png]

In the middle is the Fire Emblem. Areas where tiles look raised are an excuse for bad spriting raised 4 ft off the ground. Walls are 8 ft with no ceiling. That means you can stand on them Wink

I'll see if I can get a character up tonight. Sorry for the wait
If you're still in this, I can get the RP up a lot faster than I got these guys up Tongue.

[Image: transparentma.png]
Name: Boulder
Age: 27
Class: Berserker
Appearance: Boulder is a giant man, standing at 6’6”. His life in the mountains has made him quite muscular. Black hair is tied in a ponytail. He appears to be a typical brigand in appearance, with no shirt to go with his leather pants. He also wears trophies from defeated opponents. The most notable is his steel gauntlet that covers his left arm. He also wears a pair of armor-covered boots.

Personality: Boulder is an opportunist. If he sees an opening that furthers his goal, he takes it. As such, he doesn’t exactly fight honorably. If dirty fighting works, he’ll be the dirtiest fighter of the bunch.

Bio: Boulder led a group of brigands in the mountains. He had brought them many successful raids…until the lords of the region started to crack down. Now Boulder seeks the power of the Fire Emblem to defeat his foes and claim the region as his own.

Weapons: Boulder wields a giant axe, the handle of which is nearly as tall as he is. The black iron head makes it appear more menacing (or so he thinks). It was once used by an executioner. The berserker seeks to use it in the same manner.

[Image: WeeklySpliceCompetition030214_zpsaf74ef08.png]
Name: Delilah Moore
Age: 15
Class: Cleric
Appearance: Delilah is of normal height and weight, standing at 5’2”. Her smallish face is adorned with brown locks tied under bandana. Her bright blue eyes seem all too innocent to be caught up in these events.

Delilah’s clothes depict her humble origins in the village. She wears a simple brown dress. Leather sandals round out the outfit. In other words, she clearly doesn’t look like a warrior.

Personality: Delilah’s usually cheery personality has since been dormant after being possessed. Under the evil influence, she speaks in an entirely neutral tone devoid of feeling.
Bio: Delilah was but a simple villager, gathering trinkets to collect. One day, she grabbed the wrong one: the Fire Emblem. And now we’re here…
Weapons: Physic Staff, Berserk Staff
Sure. Go ahead.

RP thread is up. Sign-ups will remain open if anyone wants in Smile.
It's time to break out of this most recent lurking phase, I guess. I'd love to join if you'll have me.


Name: Flora

Age: 28

Class: Myrmidon

Appearance: Flora is of short stature, but with the athletic frame that comes from years of combat experience and travel. Her skin is dusky and lined with several light but noticeable scars, and she has long, wavy hair of a dark violet hue that she generally ties back. Her eyes are dark brown with a hint of light green around the pupils.

She wears a dark green tunic with long sleeves. Around her neck is a long, slightly tattered brown scarf, which is usually pulled over her mouth when she isn't speaking. She has a dark brown knee-length skirt, black leggings, and brown boots.

Personality: Flora, despite her slightly rough appearance, has a regal air about her when she speaks. She is typically affable and cheerful towards others, and is generally reasonably patient. However, she is also more than a little smug and tends to show off and look down on others, and her affability turns to barely-contained rage if she is angered.

Her fighting style relies heavily on evasion and striking quickly over defending and striking hard. Her fighting is fluid and graceful, but can be more than a little needlessly showy.

Bio: Flora typically remains mum about where she's from or what her life has been like. The most one can usually eke out of her is that she is from Jehanna, that she has no surviving family, and that she has been a sellsword for a little under ten years. Asking about her family is a fairly easy way to get on her bad side, and any details she gives on what happened to them are murky at best.

Weapons: Flora has two swords, though she only ever wields one in combat. Her main weapon rests on her left hip, and is a long, slightly curved blade with a simple hilt wrapped in leather. Her backup weapon is carried on her back, tipped towards her right shoulder, and is a shorter blade that is completely straight, has a somewhat more ornate hilt lined with gold, and ends in a sharp point. Neither weapon is particularly special or magical, but both are in excellent condition and are very sharp. She also keeps a dagger bound to her left arm under her sleeve, but this is mainly a utility item and she's a fairly poor fighter with it.
Approved. RP has started, so you can post at any time.
Probably won't get to a post until the weekend.
My wi-fi will be out for a few days (at least until Tuesday, possibly later). I won't be able to post until it comes back on. Sorry.
That's OK; my laziness compensated for it Wink.

With the new RP up, this little RP probably won't last past Boulder (for me at least). We'll see.