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Full Version: Justice von Halis
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Name: Justice Ignis von Halis
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Etruria
Appearance/Description: Tall, lean, but fairly athletic. While the untrained eye would see him as bookish he isn't your average scholar. He has a light red hair with the occasional streak of yellow, his eyes are a stunning blue. His normal garments are a standard purple tunic and black pants. He wears fairly light boots on his feet and a thick black traveling cloak on his back. He wears a fairly standard leather belt around his waist. It is lined with several pouches for medicine, supplies, and some food as well as a sheath for a fairly small knife.

He wears a fairly self assured smile despite what has happened in his life so far, preferring to keep a positive look on life. He acts friendly towards most people even if he doesn't actually make friends very easily. And while fairly cheerful in temperament he isn't very playful or flirtatious. 

Born to a family of mages in Etruria Justice had a fairly normal childhood. School, play, study, sleep, a balance of both work and recreation. He excelled at learning the darker arts despite being a happy child, though he also liked to dabble in potion making and alchemy. After graduating from a decent school he opened his own shop on the Etrurian border selling potions he mixed himself. When the war came he was one of the first to go into hiding, secreting his magic tome in a fairly thick book on herbology and spending the money he had on bribing the border patrols. Currently he is on the run, constantly moving, making a little money here and there by selling the few potions he can make on the road.