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Full Version: Raye
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Name: Raye
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Nation/Allegiance: Arcadia
Appearance/Description: Raye, being a Manakete, ages rather slowly. She's old enough that she looks around 20 years old, standing at about an average height. Her hair is a light lavender that almost looks white, reaching down to her waist. with a black bow on top. Her eyes are a soft blue. She wears a pink dress that clings to her ample curves; with a white frilly skirt that reaches her upper thighs. On top of that is a short cloak that reaches down to her waist. It's mostly white, but pink in the middle that wraps around horizontally in the middle. She wears pink shoes with long white stockings that go up almost to where her dress' skirt reaches.

Her Divine Dragon form is a feathered dragon with the same color near-white lavender as her hair.

Raye usually seems rather... off, as if her mind is always wandering somewhere else. It usually makes her seem aloof or even lacking in emotions but in reality she merely doesn't display her emotions that well.

Bio/Backstory: Raye has lived her life in Arcadia, "in hiding" with the rest of the dragons that live with humans there. Not much has changed in the hidden village over the years, relatively immune to the goings on of the outside world they aren't changed by it and aren't effected much by any internal forces, as well as the longevity of some of the inhabitants would mean very little change over time.

That longevity is what prompted Raye to seek the means to leave, if only for a while, and see the world that lay outside of the desert she lived in. A not too entirely uncommon sentiment for some of the manakete there as the same scenery does become far too routine after hundreds of years. Armed with a dragonstone she set off for the rest of the world, not expecting such a time of strife and war. Of all the times she could feel the spirit of wanderlust it had to be during the time it was most risky for her.