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Full Version: Dread Star's Zenith - Discussion & Signup
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Somewhere in northern Lycia, near the Sacaen border, a terrorist faction of hunted dark mages are rumored to have developed a means of striking back at the Lycian Emperor and his ruthless Keepers of Sanctity.  By harnessing the powers of the dragonkin's mystical stones, and navigating past the traditional elder mage taboo of sanguimancy, their dark magic has grown strong enough to overwhelm the Keepers' wards.  Considered a threat to the safety of Lycia and condemned even by anti-Lycia Etrurians for their extremist tendencies, the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity must move quickly to quash the heretic faction and restore their perceived peace to the region...

This RP takes place in a remote region of Tuscana, in northern Lycia - my intent is for it to begin shortly after a failed attempt by the Church of Sanctity to bring down the cult.  If you want in, reply to this thread, or message me on the FEP Discord channel.

Current Roster:
1) Yuri Lumenic | WyvernSlayer
2) Furia Linberg | Giffany-chan
3) Lennox Hyperion | Swift_Assassin
4) Lavan Renata | snnarfy
5) Nichol Kless | Alusq
6) Tobias Krowgard | Crimea River
7) Raye | Cevian

Who's ready to see the worst of that "black magic" the Emperor fears so much?
Lennox is up to anything. Really, this could just turn into an elaborate dog-walking rp, he just needs to do something.
You're in. I'm also committing snnarfy, since he helped me talk through the idea for this RP in the first place.
Nichol's in, if you'll have me. I actually intended for him to be put in detention and sent off on a suicide mission of some sort when some xenophobic Lycian higher-up inevitably learned about his history, and this fits the bill just fine.
Count me in with Tobias please! Smile I love the plot idea and I have a reason for Tobias to be there, and it will give him a lot of conflict. His adoptive cousin, Leopold, (and Tobias doesn't know this o: )is a mamkute. He could have been captured and could be one of those the shamans are using. Tobias could have learned he was missing, followed the trail here, and then he'd see the dark side of the resistance and want to put an end to it...oh yes I love the conflict and how everything is not black and white. x]
(11-12-2017, 01:56 AM)Crimea River Wrote: [ -> ]His adoptive cousin, Leopold, (and Tobias doesn't know this o: )is a mamkute.

I knew that name was familiar. Too bad Maddox is dead in this, RL Maddox actually met RL Leopold in A Slight Detour. Although...I don't think Leopold actually met Maddox. During my brief investigation of the old forum, Leopold was out cold in that rp.
Alrighty - we've got a full boat of seven. I'm going to start working on an intro post so we can get this thing started in earnest.

Stay tuned!
I'll post soon! <3 Sorry about delay. (Is it my turn? o.o)
Could be. Technically, I skipped you, but no one posted after me, so you could post next.