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Full Version: Furia Linberg
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[Image: 895S6R5.png] "I'm not someone you'd like to mess with."

Name: Furia Linberg

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Disciple/Mage

Nation and Family: Her parents are from different countries - Her father was a merchant from Etruria who grew up in Ostia, and her mother was a former wyvern knight of Bern, but both now live in Bern.
Also the younger sister of Reed Linberg.

Appearance: Despite being only 19, she has the model of a well-endowed woman, though she is somewhat short, but also thin and sleight. She has sharp purple eyes, but also a soft, almost childlike face, with long reddish-pink hair, usually tied into short, curved twintails. Her attention to detail is remarkable, always making sure to appear as presentable as possible, even going over the top, to the point of being a borderline eyesore.

She wears a simple red dress with a short, frilly white skirt with green cape. In times of combat, a steel breastplate and shoulder plates are also added for some means of defense, but are rarely born for reasons other than that.

Family Backstory: Being a child of a merchant, it’d be unacceptable to explain Furia’s backstory without explaining her family’s backstories. 

Jake Orwick, aged 62, was once a traveling merchant from Ostia, having deep connections with the rest of Lycia, along with far off to Etruria, Ilia, Sacae, and Bern. His business was around for nearly twenty years. Early in his career, he married a young woman from Bern and had two children, but he opted to stay in Ostia to continue selling goods, while his wife stayed in Ostia. Shortly after Year 1, Orwick decided to break his bonds with Lycian and Etrurian merchants, and returned to Bern with his wife.
He’s proud to have children, but the problem being a traveling merchant is that very rarely do they ever get to take breaks at home. As a result, Furia and Reed lived most their lives without a father figure in their life, with only their mother to depend on.

Vera Linberg, age 41, was once a wyvern rider in Bern’s army. Unfortunately, three months ago, in a skirmish with bandits from the Taliver Mountains, her right arm was broken, and she quickly retired to let her arm heal, with minimal progress, and no plans to return to Bern’s military.
She is well-composed and refined, but has a tendency to appear overly strict and intimidating. She deeply cares about the wellbeing of her children, but fears that overprotection will make them weak and childish. Recently, however, Vera has been bedridden and very ill, with the fear that she might pass away. Orwick immediately returned back to Bern to help her, especially with Reed leaving Bern with the rest of the wyvern riders.

Reed Linberg, age 21, is Furia’s older brother, and a knight serving Bern. Due to his father being absent for most his life, his mother’s broken arm, and her prideful influence, Reed grew up with a stoic and serious personality. He then took responsibility for the household tasks that Furia was too young to do, or that his mother was incapable of doing, even going as far as to tame a wyvern, which he named Galle, after the mighty knight that served Bern decades ago. On his 18th birthday, he announced that he would join Bern’s military, leaving, and eventually becoming a knight of admirable skill. Although during the next four years of service in the army, Reed would occasionally visit home, his appearances were far and few between. Recently, he was assigned to pass into Eastern Lycia, along with many other squads of wyvern knights, and would participate in the Battle of Tania, but was fortunate enough to escape before the capital was wiped clean off Elibe.

Backstory: Unlike Reed, who grew up with many tasks on his hands, Furia had very little to spend her time doing, being so young. Her mother’s pride did not influence Furia as much, and in the end, she grew up being childish and self-centered, along with being petty and even somewhat spoiled, although those traits did not quell her undying family bond with her mother and her older brother. During her idle time in her teen years, while Reed learned to hunt with a javelin, Furia began spending her time learning to use magic, specifically “the destructive kind,” which led her down a path of learning anima magic in particular.

Upon hearing the ban on magic, Furia was outraged by the Empire’s decision. Although world issues were never a care to her before, a newfound hatred developed for all of Lycia. Her skills in magic went from a simple hobby, to something she aspired to perfect, in contrary to “a bunch of old men deciding what they want.” 
Even worse was the blast that wiped out Tania. She refused to believe that Reed was dead, but she immediately assumed that the Empire had been responsible for it. This filled her with a new surge of hatred, even after magic was banned in Lycia.
After her mother became ill, and her father tended to the house instead, she decided that she’d be traveling to Ilia in the mercenary business to get some hands-on experience of the powers of magic. Reluctant to leave, and with anger still flaring inside her heart, she traveled to Ilia to begin as a simple spellcaster for hire.

Other Notes: 
  • Furia is very persistent in her ideals and what she believes. Don't expect her to be easily swayed into thinking that the Empire's wrong-doings were lies.
  • Although she likes staying calm, repeatedly provoking her will set off her temper.
  • She has been looking for love all her life, with minimal success.
  • Furia prefers doing things "her way" as a leader, and cannot stand being told what to do, as opposed to doing things like a lone wolf.

  • Her birthday is September 9th.