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Full Version: Tobias (Manser IV) Krowgard
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[Image: bae.png]
Art by me.  Based off my ESO character's appearance (Telvanni Armour + Adorable Assassin hair).

Name: Tobias (Manser IV) Krowgard
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Born in Ostia; loyal soldier of Bern.

Tobias is the spitting image of his father; the main difference being that his father is much bulkier, and prefers to keep his hair combed back…whereas Tobias lets it roam free.  That is, when he's not in combat.  When fighting, he ties it back into a bun.  Tobias hates his father (at least that's what he believes, though this man was his father and so he wouldn't be able to say he hates him to his face…nor would he know if he truly feels that) and tries his best not to look like him.  He has his mother's freckles and vivid blue eyes.  Tobias has a rather slender frame.

He can come off as a bit serious, but this is only when he's on-duty.  Off-duty, he can be quite social, though he quiets down when people start talking heavily about a topic…not wanting to butt in.  He's polite and tries to be a decent man.  Still, he can be rather ruthless.  He believes that everyone is in it for themselves, and that honour and religion are but constructs made to make people feel better.  Do something good for someone, and you'll be paid back.  You don't need something silly like honour as an excuse to do the right thing.  Then again…what is the right thing?  It isn't always so clear.

He despises Lycia, though he is homesick for his homeland.  He hopes one day to see the Empire fall and his home be restored to what it once was…though he knows these views are idealistic.  His cynical view lends him to believe…the good guys might win, but the bad guys might as well.  Reality isn't like some storybook or legend.  And who knows?  Perhaps he will make his mark on history.  He hopes…

Tobias rarely speaks of his past, except admitting that he isn't originally from Bern – that he's a Lycian refugee.  Originally a mounted knight, he's recently transitioned to a wyvern.  He may be a bit of a novice, but he's had training.

But he now calls himself Tobias, but his real name is Manser Krowgard the Fourth.  He was born into a well-respected family within Ostia.  His father was devoutly loyal to Lycia, even though his mother had come from Bern.  His father's name was Manser, and it had become tradition to name the eldest son after the father…and so it was done.

Throughout his childhood, he aspired to be a knight.  His closest friend was another Lycian boy by the name of James Melrose.  The two practised with training swords together, eventually getting swords and steeds of their own as they got older.  Though Manser veered more towards the bow, which he'd also gotten training in.  In addition, his father trained him with lances.  He came to prefer the lance and the bow instead of the sword.  This training would come in handy as he and James as teenagers would wander the nearby wilderness.  One had to protect himself from bandits, giant spiders, and the like.  Not to mention, Manser was quite good at hunting now.

Eventually he and James would become full-fledged knights of Lycia, and–naturally–join its army.  But as the political climate changed, Manser's mother grew quite worried.  With the prohibition of magic, she took her children and fled to Bern, so that the youngest child, Ivette, could continue her studies.  Manser IV was instrumental in getting  his family to safety – as his father had tried to force them to remain, tried to force her to stop her studies.  He even went so far as sending Sampson after him.  Sampson, who was very loyal to their father and very loyal to Lycia.

Sampson managed to kill Manser IV's horse, Memento…something Manser will never forgive him for.  He managed to shoot his brother, but couldn't pull off a finishing blow, something he regretted later in his rage.

Safely with his mother's family in Bern, he started a new life.  He enlisted in the army, eager to fight the homeland he'd grown to despise.  He was given an option of a new steed…or training to become a dragonknight.  He opted for the latter, and eventually was granted a wyvern companion all his own.  He named her Mori.  Although a novice at flying, a little more than fresh out of training, he's done well with her.

  • Tobias is single.  He's mostly into men, but will go for a woman if she strikes his fancy.  He had a crush on his childhood friend, James...but James didn't swing that way.
  • His wyvern's name is Mori.
  • He wields lances and bows, and has limited skill with swords.  He can fight mounted or dismounted.
  • In terms of classes, his sister would be similar to a Mage, his mother to a Sniper, his brother to a Social Knight, and his father to a General.
  • He has an adoptive cousin, Leopold; his uncle adopted the boy.  He's quite close with Leo, and protective of him.