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Full Version: Lita
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Name: Lita
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nation/Allegiance: Fibernia(Originally)/Black Fang(Currently)
Appearance/Description: Lita stands tall, with long, black hair that reaches her waist. On both sides of her head black ribbons tie off her hair into side tails that go down just as far. She doesn't wear much clothing, showing off a lot of skin. A small white top with gold accenting her ample curves is tied down in an X across her midriff to a long white  half-skirt that flows behind her. On her upper left arm she has a single detached sleeve that goes down to her wrist and a single stocking on her right leg that stars from her upper thigh. She is also barefoot.

Lita is confident, perhaps overly so, coupled with a curiosity that makes her often stick her nose into trouble. To say that it's a ruse to help with her cover would be exaggerating it, but it's more a distraction. Hiding in plain sight to learn what she can instead of having to resort to more covert methods, not that she has anything against them. She loves to taunt and tease people, getting under their skin, doubly so if they are someone she doesn't care about offending. Despite becoming a bit more altruistic in recent years she still has a fondness for gold and jewelry, opting to wear a lot when she can to accent her natural beauty.

Bio/Backstory: Lita was born in Jutes on Fibernia, the daughter of waitress and a long gone pirate that had a little night of fun while not at sea. He was never seen or heard from again, at least by her and her mother, not that there was much complaining. Being so far away from the mainland was both a blessing and a curse. The goings on of most of the continent seemed distant but that merely gave time for closer troubles to arise.

Her and her mother lived a simple life but one day her mother became ill, eventually passing and orphaning her. With no known other family to turn to she was left with living on the streets, having to steal to survive. Well, it was survival at first but as time went on she got better and better at it and started stealing for more than just enough to survive, but live well. This ended up getting her into some close scrapes with the law and eventually she stowed away on a ship to the mainland of Elibe to escape capture.

At this point there wasn't a noble bone in her body. She would lie, cheat, steal or even murder from anyone that looked like a good target, sometimes messing up and either having to flee or even escape capture. Nobody's perfect. One such miss was when she encountered a man by the name of Idris Reed, a descendant of the founder of the Black Fang. On a quest to revive the Black Fang as is ancestor intended instead of the corrupted shadow of it's former self it became. A group that fought for the little man.

Seeing some potential in her, he gave her an ultimatum: Work for him or get personally escorted to the best jail he could find. Either a limited freedom for the greater good or no freedom at all. She of course chose the former, planning to try to slip away at the first chance, but he was ready for that and assigned someone to watch her. No matter how hard she tried she got caught again and it got to the point she just gave in and went along with it. It was a gradual process but she slowly grew to enjoy this kind of work. Sure it was more altruistic but that just gave her the perk of not angering or having to run away from everyone she met.

Having worked with them for a few years and really joined the group in earnest she's no longer on "probation," and has in fact earned enough trust to be watching over a new recruit herself, an silent  knight by the name of "Goldhardt," whose true appearance is obscured by the heavy armor they wear. Traveling around as a dancer and her bodyguard they are trying to get information about the brewing tensions between Lycia and Bern, helping others where they can, as long as it doesn't blow their cover.

Other Notes:
-She is proficient with a sword she had hidden somewhere on her person, although given how little she's wearing it's hard to figure out where that may be.
-While she's fully accepted her place as a member of the Black Fang she still has an interest in taking things that might not belong to her. Hey, no one said that helping the poor needed to be completely selfless. She just steals from people that deserve it.