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Full Version: Log in and registration issue
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Hello !

I'm a returning FETO player, and I just tried to log on my account, which worked on my phone those last days. But as soon as I hit either log in or register on the FETO page, I get back to the FEP website, saying "you are not permitted to do that".

So I thought "Let's make a new account" as I wanted to play with a bunch of friends anyway, that all were new players. So I made myself an account here, thinking that it was needed to register.

But it's still not working on FETO, and I cannot even access the forum to "activate" this account, as :
-I apparently need access to even see the one for this forum
-and I cannot register on FETO, as it always send me back on FEP...

Also, I can't remember the mailbox linked to my old account, and I cannot even try to recover my password if that's what I'm making wrong. (Old account is called Silpheni on FETO. Not sure if I had an account here).

Thanks !
I've checked your account, and you do appear to have characters on FETO. I'd assume once you log in you'd be able to see FETO afterwards. Did you perhaps forget that you have a different login name (silphenix) which you have to use on the login screen?
Well, I know that, I logged on that account those last three days (or so) but whenever I hit "login" on the feto frontpage, it sends me back to http://oldforums.feplanet.net/index.php with the following message

"Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.
The error returned was:

Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board"

And after that, whenever I try to login from there, it sends me back to the same page. (And I'm pretty sure I already tried my password, as it's the one I used those last two days.

In fact, whenever I do something different than using the top banner, it basically loops back there. Can't try password recuperation, anything. Maybe I got to the wrong page ?
That definitely sounds strange. I've just performed a password reset and tried logging into your account to see what the issue was, but it worked perfectly fine for me. I'll PM you the password I changed it to, try to see if that works.
I tried on chrome to see if it was an navigator issue, but no (using firefox here). Gonna try on my brother cpu tomorrow.
It's now working again. Have you found the issue ?

Anyway, thanks !
(08-04-2017, 07:55 AM)Silphael Wrote: [ -> ]It's now working again. Have you found the issue ?

Anyway, thanks !

I've done nothing since, but you're welcome anyway lmfao