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Full Version: Long long long time no see.
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Hey all its been so long since ive been on here, nearly 10 years since i was active. If any of you old people want to talk about the old days let me know. You can reach me at my email or on twitter @pcm4390. I dont use it very often but its a good way to reach me.
We've got a thread for that. It's Old FEP? and is the third longest thread on the forum second if you don't include FETO activation requests from people we never see again. First if you don't include my sprite thread which is 90% me talking to myself posting stuff

I don't think we've really crossed paths that often, but I recognize your username, for what it's worth. Welcome back.
Welcome back, someone who I recognize but never really interacted with.

Most of us just goof off on Discord nowadays.
Wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a LONG time. Welcome back mate, glad to have you!
Pacum Challet! Jaken Veina! The Planned Attack! Fiore! Big GrinDBig GrinBig Grin

Long time no see.