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Full Version: Julius Blackmore
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Name: Julius Blackmore

Age: 22

Gender: male 

Nation/Allegiance: Originally born in Ostia later exiled to the Sacaen plains. He holds no allegiance to any country but has a strong sense of justice

Appearance/Description: Julius stands five feet and ten inches tall, he has long curly black hair, an unkempt beard, grey eyes, and bears a great scar running diagonally beside his left eye. He wears a black coat with long tails atop a high-collared, gold-trimmed, black shirt with plain dark pants and boots. He carries a bastard sword on his hip. Julius looks solemn and guarded, and is considered sullen and quick to sense a slight. Julius is observant, a trait he developed on account of being a bastard. He is a capable horseback rider and is well practiced in fighting with a sword. Julius has resented his bastard status most of his life. He desires to be viewed as honorable, and wants to prove he can be as good and true as any real noble child.

Bio/Backstory: Julius was born from a single night of passion between a minor Ostian noble and a Sacaen woman. When his father realized the woman had a child his sense of honor caused him to father the child properly. Under the care of his father Julius learned the ways of both pen and sword as well as a little bit of horsemanship; However, Julius lived his entire life agonizingly aware that he was a bastard, his step mother resented him as he was a living reminder of her husband's unfaithfulness. When he came to the age of  sixteen his stepmother outed him as a bastard to the high nobles, noting his Sacaen blood, because of this Julius was stripped of his true last name and exiled from Ostia. His father gave him a bastard sword as a parting gift, stating "Never forget what you are". He eventually came to Sacae in search of his mother whom he discovered had died several years prior. From then on he spent his time as a wandering mercenary  

(I use "noble" loosely here, perhaps aristocrat might be more accurate or even just rich guy more than willing to take out/ change that part but I thought that since his "nobility" basically only amounts to sword and a little bit of horse training it might be okay.)