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Full Version: Just my luck.
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Just docked at Port Canaveral and on our way to Universal...and just as we got on the bus, it started raining.
That sucks. =/ I hate rain but everyone else I know seems to love it. <.<;
Take it from someone who lives in Louisiana-you can get tired of rain but man I WISH snow existed out here...
(11-17-2016, 07:55 PM)Jokster908 Wrote: [ -> ]Take it from someone who lives in Louisiana-you can get tired of rain but man I WISH snow existed out here...

I'm from the Northeast.

You don't want snow.

Snow is not your friend.
^This. I just walked 40 minutes home in the snow and wind. I didn't have anything warm other than my coat because the weather when I left on Friday was so hot. V.V; Snow sucks. It is fun to play in though, my dogs love it. XD
Snow is great so long as you're not shoveling it (which is every time it snows) or driving through it (which is every time it snows). Snowfall sucks.
That's the saddest thing I think about my vacation. I went from Florida/Bahamas to coming back to New Jersey and seeing occasional snow flakes. Hell, my first 'snow' of the year was seeing snow on someone elses car yesterday on our way back to my house.

I don't mind when the snow doesn't stick. But when it does...I hate that I walk to work. Some of the businesses I pass on the way to work doesn't even shovel.
I'm from Texas, so my opinion of snow is colored by the fact that it's a rare treat for me. I like it very much. That said, having to go to work even though it snows is a pain in the balls.
So instead of starting a new topic about my luck, I figured I'd hijack my old topic about my luck.

So, my power supply has been making loud noises the past week and I just bought a duster to try to clean it out. I noticed the fan blades weren't running too fast. I tried blowing it clean, but nothing changed. So we went to a memorial to my uncle(who passed away on the 7th) and when we came back. Fan blades dead in their tracks. My two exhaust fans are still working fine, but I don't know how long my power supply has before it burns out. Good news about that is the fact that nearby is a Micro Center, which sells the exact model of power supply, so I can pick it up after work tomorrow. If one of my fans didn't emit a bright blue light, I might not have noticed the issue with the fan blades until it was too late.

Edit: So, as a precaution, I switched to using a combo of my Wii U, PS4 and phone to fill the space. I don't want it overheating while I'm sleeping as its literally four feet away from the bed. If my legs were longer, I could literally kick the tower on its desk.
. . . . .*sigh*

So, my phone can't charge anymore! Had it for three months and now it's slowly dying. Then I decided to buy a cheap tablet at my store. Turns out, Youtube doesn't fucking work and the alignment of the the case is ever so slightly off, so it's hard to put headphones in it. Bright side, I just discovered that it didn't lie to me about storage space. Then there was Snow Storm Stella. I've stayed late every night since Saturday and it's been hectic for the first three days. Now today...only 13 people made it in to work today. And it's a grocery store. By the time I left, there was only two people left in the store, the other cashier who had to stay to midnight due to a call out, and the closing manager who now has to stay over night due to all of the night crew calling out. It was excruciatingly boring, but left me tired just like the last three shifts.

On top of that, it's now my birthday.(I've started getting those emails) And I've been anxious about this since Friday, since my mom had my sister request both of us off for the 15th and 16th. And then I just saw a note my mom left out for me to see in the morning telling me to pack a bag and swimming trunks. I have no clue where the hell we are going and I don't know how I feel about it. I don't even know if it's overnight. I'm assuming it is, but I don't know. I'm guessing it's either Lancaster or the Poconos, but again, I don't know.
Yeah, that winter storm was brutal. The worst part for me was this morning - I JUST started a new job and I've been having some wicked anxiety issues about it, and I woke up this morning to find out that my landlord hadn't gotten around to plowing our driveway. So my car was trapped in by about 18 inches of snow.

I had to call my team lead and very ashamedly and timidly tell him that I could not come in to work today, because I couldn't get out of my house. Chances are they understand, but inner me is FREAKING OUT because I haven't even worked there a week and now I'm in the doghouse.
So, for my birthday, we went and are still to Mt. Airy Lodge in the Poconos. On one hand, it was so the rest of my family can gamble not me, I'm saving for a Switch, but it is because they have a heated indoor pool we can swim in. It was a bit surreal, as the pool has many glass windows and you can see how much snow fell in the area.

Unfortunately, tonight I was supposed to go to Medieval Times with three of my friends, but they cancelled the show, due to the snow. I only found out about these plans because it was cancelled. At least it can be rescheduled.

Oh, and congrats on the new job
(11-17-2016, 07:55 PM)Jokster908 Wrote: [ -> ]Take it from someone who lives in Louisiana-you can get tired of rain but man I WISH snow existed out here...

Lmao snow!? Too much here in Idaho.

Just got a call this morning about some suspicious activity with my account. Turns out someone got a hold of my card number and spent almost two hundred dollars on itunes, putting me into the red.


At least I got it sorted out. New card coming on Wednesday and I have a credit card as back up in the mean time. God Damn my luck.