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For many of us, death is something we meet in battle, at the hands of old age or due to disease. We don't always know which, and unless we're certain our actions are going to lead to our demise, we have no way of knowing what'll kill us in the end. No way of knowing what, and no way of knowing when. Many people would give almost anything to ascertain when they were no longer for this life, whilst some of us would rather it stay secret until the time comes. 

What would you do if someone was trying to convince you of your impending death? You'd probably laugh and assume they'd had one too many a tankard or had hit their head rather hard. Who would you believe: a wise old man, a decorated churchman bathed in holy light, or perhaps a pretty woman you could play along with in order to swipe a favor from? No matter who it was, you'd have to wonder why they were telling you this. Maybe they're trying to scare you, or trick you. 

Or maybe, just maybe... They could save your life. 


Hello, readers!

I'm looking to begin a social RP for my character Anka: a dancer who can have odd fits in which she can see glimpses of the past, present or future, often without any real idea what these glimpses mean. I've mulled over how exactly I want to introduce her to the world of Insurrection, and I figured it'd be in a fairly low-impact way.

As a rough outline, I'm going to have Anka 'tell' something about a village mayor's son, and it'll have something to do with his death (which Anka is convinced will occur very soon). Of course, nobody will believe her insane mutterings, and will probably assume she's possessed and needs an exorcism. She'll be looking for a person or two to aid her in making sure the mayor's son avoids his untimely demise, whether or not he or his father want the help. There could be multiple 'red herrings', I'm thinking maybe two before they reach and maybe prevent the actual cause of his death.

So, would anyone be willing to believe a mad dancer's 'prediction'?? 

(I'm open for suggestions as to where the RP can be based: Anka is a wanderer but she was born in Thria)


1. Anka Klenterin 

2. Ambrose Locke

3. Ingrid Florent

4. Lantis Reed
I'd be up for it with Ambrose, if you'll have me.
I'd like to put Ingrid up for this, if that's okay with you.

As for where the RP is set, could it possibly be relatively near the Etruria-Lycia border? I'm fine with it being anywhere, I'd just prefer it around there because that's where I placed her in her profile.
I'll take both of you: thanks for the interest!

thenoun: That sounds good to me! I'll create a town or village someways south of Ostia: does that sound good to you?
Seems like a good place to make my return, Lantis at your service.
Welcome aboard, Vice!! I guess I'll keep this as a 4-man so that everyone's not struggling for things to do...

I'll lock in the cast and begin working on an opening post!
Post is up, guys!!

If you have any questions, let me know =)
It was so difficult to get my first post up, but it is there... x__x
It was good, Vice! I was very pleased with everyone's post Smile

The guards will be pretty agreeable, and if someone makes an excuse for Anka, they'll leave her alone with a warning.
I feel pretty bleh about that last post, but it's up!
Feel free to skip me this turn, I'll talk with Light on how things going on with Peter.
I was going to say: I wish I'd messaged you sooner!

And no worries about your post Noun, it was great! I understand the awkward social coming together, haha.

I'll get a post up today or tomorrow =)
Hey guys!

Thank you for the well-written posts so far. It feels like I really needed to propel this story a little, so I did a tiny joint post with Vice -which is between the dashes-

Let me know if you have any questions!
Wouldn't all that noise attract attention from the house?
That'll be what happens next! I presumed they wouldn't jump right out- it'd be a fairly distant thump as the tree is on the outskirts of the property. Maybe they're rattling teacups or something which slightly masked the noise ;P

And thank you for checking up on that! Keeps me on my toes: I appreciate it =)
Hey guys- thanks for being patient: I've been really busy this week.

Anyway, I was thinking of branching this out a bit and giving you all some creative freedom- I don't like you being completely at the mercy of what a type. So, I thought it'd be interesting for the group to split and do some investigating. So, you can add any thoughts or interactions that you like for my current post, and after that we'll skip to the next morning.

Andy: I'd like Fred to go back to the Mayor's house in order to try and persuade the Mayor to let him watch over Peter, or something to that effect. He'll of course decline, but you could make some interesting dialogue before Fred leaves.

Noun: In preparation for an assassination attempt, I thought it would be a good idea for Ingrid to maybe gather some herbs or ingredients in case Peter gets poisoned. She could either go to a stall/shop in the town, or pick some from the plains nearby if that's within her abilities. I'd also like for her to hear from someone that the guards aren't keeping things as safe as they should: perhaps the shop was robbed and they didn't do anything about it? You can be inventive with that part: whatever works =)

Vice: I'm going to plan for an Archery tournament to take place on the plains just outside the village, so people will be setting it up during the day. Anka will say she's worried it could be a trap (Mayor and Peter will attend it), or he'll figure it out for himself if he's not a part of the group yet. The two guards will be there, and Lantis will see them inspecting the bows and equipment. Peter will also be there, talking to some of the girls from the village or something.

I'll probably get Anka to go to the smithy to ask about weapon sales or something to that effect. If there's anything extra your character needs to know, the innkeeper would be a good source!

If you have any other ideas, or any questions, please let me know =)
Sorry about that, I finally posted. Even if it's a bad post and I basically didn't interact with anyone in it.  Tongue

I made some assumptions about the inn's layout, which I'm sorry for. Please tell me if it messed anything up.
(10-11-2016, 01:52 PM)thenoun Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry about that, I finally posted. Even if it's a bad post and I basically didn't interact with anyone in it.  Tongue

 I made some assumptions about the inn's layout, which I'm sorry for. Please tell me if it messed anything up.

Not to worry, and thank you! Your post was perfect, and I had no specifications on the inn, so your descriptions are welcome Smile
Short post is short. Sorry.

I was going to have him shuck off the armor in his room, but Anka has the key.
That's alright! Anka will give it to him if you wanted to flesh out your post: let me know if you want some speech, or you can make up some timid 'here's your key' thing, haha. It'd probably make sense for him to go back to his room, as I'm going to move to the morning, probably in my next post.
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