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Full Version: Fire Emblem: what is your favorite skill?
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Hey guys, since Fire Emblem a series for so long  I'm going to ask what are you guys favorite skills? 
Mine without a doubt are Astra,Luna and Vantage.
Despoil, because I'll take free gold any freaking day.
Aegis because it's so broken on armors in feto

Um, I loved Vantage+Wrath+Vague Katti in FE9 because it just felt so satisfying to wreck large amounts of enemies before they even get the chance to attack.

I don't know about Awakening or Fates because I haven't gotten that far in Awakening, and I still haven't gotten Fates yet.
Astra on a magic user is pretty great.
I love the ol' Wrath/Ambush combo.

Yes, I said Ambush and not Vantage, because I'm talking about the FE4 version (though Vantage is a great skill in absolutely all of it's appearances). The reason Wrath is so powerful in this game is unlike in later games, at half HP you have a 100% chance to critical. Pair that with vantage, and you have an almost guaranteed chance to kill anything that attacks you during the enemy turn. The only way to get the combo is to breed pair Lex with Tiltyu, which isn't the best use of either of them, but despite how much I love Lex he really isn't that good of a parent anyway so this isn't too bad. A combo of instant criticals on high defense mages who leveled up quickly with Elite (Paragon)? Sign me up.
Fucking Eclipse. That is all.
In Fire Emblem Awakening,
Vantage + Armsthrift with a Nosferatu tome.
Galeforce is nice, but Vantage + Nosferatu lets you solo maps in Lunatic mode.
Pretty much every Tier 3 Skill from FE10 but I also have a thing for Despoil, Vengeance and Gamble.