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Full Version: Usage of dual stat skills
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Sorry if this seems a little tedious, but would someone mind further explaining the usage of dual stat skills? I mean, I've read the information covering them, how two stats will determine their activation. I simply want to know if they'll be a skill you equip to your unit or ones that are sort of passive - just activating when the requirements are met now and then. The research I've done points to the former, but I'm still confused by the concept, and I'd be grateful for any and all help. Thank you!
Basically, the way to "unlock" them is to ask Deady-IX Speedy-IX to give them to you. However they are restricted to promoted units only, so unless you have promotes he probably won't give them to you. (the problem is that we didn't implement the restriction code-wise)
Ah, thanks (and yeah, I've got some promoted units). I really couldn't figure it out on my own, so thanks again for the info.